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heal, heel, heel, he'll
heal (HEEL) (verb)
To make well, to restore health: The doctor said, "This medicine will heal the blister on your foot."
heel (HEEL) (noun)
1. In humans, the back part of the foot below the ankle: When he removed his left boot, he discovered a blister on his heel.
2. The fleshy rounded lower part or base of a person's palm closest to the wrist: She used the heel of her hand to knead the bread dough before setting it to rise.
3. An individual who treats others with contempt: Because he told so many lies, everyone thought of him as a heel.
heel (HEEL) (verb)
To follow closely behind another's step: The dog had been taught to heel when it went out for a walk with its owner.
he'll (HEEL) (pronoun/verb)
Grammatical contraction of "he will" or "he shall": Ryan's mother said, "He'll call his parents when he gets home."

The cut on Mike's heel can't possibly heal in time for the basketball game; so he'll just have to wait until it gets better.

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(Hebrew: the grave; hell; pit [a gloomy netherworld for departed spirits; Shoel is the counterpart of Hades and Tartarus])
(Hebrew > Greek > Latin: hell or hellfire)
(Latin: on the border (of hell); form of limbus, border, edge)
(Latin: on the border (of hell); form of limbus, border, edge)