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helicopter (s) (noun), helicopters (pl)
1. Any of a class of heavier-than-air craft that are lifted and sustained in the air horizontally by rotating wings or blades turning on a vertical axes through power supplied by an engine: Helicopters can fly at right angles to the level ground and horizontally, as well as hover in one place. 
2. Etymology: The term helicopter was borrowed from the French word hélicoptère, a word constructed from Greek heliko- and pteron, "wing". Heliko- is the combining form of helix, "spiral" that has given us helico-, which can be joined with other words and word forms to create new words.

The consonant cluster "pt" in pteron begins many Greek words but relatively few English words. English speakers unfamiliar with Greek are therefore not likely to recognize the word's elements as helico-pter. Many people divide the word into the elements heli-copter, as is shown by the clipped form "copter".

A flying machine that is held in the air with horizontal propellers.
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helicopter (s) (noun), helicopters (pl)
An aircraft in which the propulsion is achieved by overhead revolving blades spinning rapidly and allowing the aircraft to go up, down or even sidewise with ease: One of the thrills for a tourist that is featured at the amusement park is to ride in a helicopter over the nearby waterfall.
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helicopter (verb), helicopters, helicoptered, helicoptering
To move or be elevated by a vehicle which rises and moves in multiple directions as the result of quickly moving horizontal arms operating above the craft: While the tourists were helicoptering over the desert they were completely intrigued by the size and expanse of it.
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