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hardy, hearty, hearty
hardy (HAHR dee) (adjective)
Concerning a person who is able to withstand negative conditions; such as, poor weather: The hikers were both hardy and enjoyed hiking in the rain.
hearty (HAHR tee) (adjective)
1. Regarding unrestrained enthusiasm: The visitors were given a hearty welcome when they arrived.
2. Concerning excellent and vigorous good health: The elderly man enjoyed a hearty lifestyle and was rarely ill.
hearty (HAHR tee) (noun)
A brave sailor: Each hearty on the ship was well-trained in the use of sails.

The hearty enthusiasm of each hearty on the ship was supported by the hearty meals which the ship's cook prepared.

It made each hearty hardy and strong so all of them could climb the rigging and furl the sails.