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hear, hear, here
hear (HIR) (verb)
1. To gain information through sound received by the ears: During the night, Charles could hear the the wind blowing through the leaves in the trees.
2. To receive information from a trial witness: The judge will hear the testifier today.
hear (HIR) (interjection)
An expression that verbalizes support or agreement for something that another person has just said: The crowd shouted, "Hear! Hear!" several times during the speech.
here (HIR) (adverb)
Regarding where something or someone is, specifically at a certain point or place: Stacie was told to place the dictionary here on the table by the window.

If a person won't listen over there, then he or she will have to hear me here!

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(Latin: listen, hear)
(bound to sell and to be read; the ability to hear with the eyes)
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hear with one's own ears
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Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
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