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healthful, healthy
healthful (HELTH fuhl) (adjective)
Concerning something that is good for the well-being of a person's body and mind: The doctor prescribed a healthful diet and lots of outdoor exercise for a better body.
healthy (HEL thee) (adjective)
1. Prosperous, doing well in business: Keith had a healthy reputation as a bookseller.
2. Descriptive of physical and mental well-being that is free from signs of illness: For someone of his age, Bill is very healthy.

Sally feels very healthy and she is convinced that it must be because she follows a healthful routine of exercise, diet, and rest.

1. In good physical or mental condition.
2. Helping to maintain or to result in good health.
3. Showing that someone is in good health.
4. Showing or encouraging moral or psychological soundness.
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(Greek: health, healthy, healthful, wholesome, sound [in body])
(Latin: healthy, whole; by extension: cure, heal, take care of; sound in mind and body)