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mediclaim, health insurance, medical insurance
1. Medical or health insurance which pays medical expenses for one's spouse, dependent children, and for one's own medical needs.
2. Medical Insurance, which is also known as mediclaim in which the policy holder is entitled to receive the amount spent for his health purposes from the insurance company.
3. Insurance that covers most serious medical expenses up to a maximum limit, usually after a deductible and co-insurance have been met.
3. A type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses that are incurred by the insured.

Health insurance has many relatives; such as, disability insurance, critical (catastophic) illness insurance, and long-term care (LTC) insurance.

4. Apparently, the term Mediclaim Insurance is used more often in India with the meaning of: Hospitalisation for illness, disease or accident, whether including surgery or not, which imposes a heavy financial burden on individuals, families, employers, and welfare bodies.
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