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(Latin: head; leader, chief, or first)
(Greek > Medieval Latin [c.700-c.1500]: head, skull)
(Latin: magister, chief, head, leader; from Latin magnus, "great")
(Greek > Latin: fox; baldness; derived from "mange in foxes"; bald patches on the head)
(Latin: neck; head-joint, throat)
(Latin: a helmet, a cap; head dress, hair style)
(getting a "fire in the head" in order to get the flame of creativity in motion)
(Greek: well head, spring, fountain, mineral spring)
(Greek: brain; that which is inside the head)
(Latin: nod of the head; divine power, divine will, divine command, divinity, god)
(Latin: sides of the head near the eyes; temple bones)
(Latin: internal organs; all that is under the skin, all parts in the body except flesh or muscles; entrails; any large interior organ in any of the three great cavities of the body; specifically, those within the chest; such as, the heart or lungs; or in the abdomen; such as, the liver, pancreas, and intestines; and in the head; such as, the brain)
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blizzard head
Someone who has blond hair.
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keep a civil tongue in one's head
To be polite ad to be respectful when talking to someone: The bus driver was yelling at the woman and she told him to keep a civil tongue in his head.
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titular ruler, titular head
1. A person who is in an official position of leadership and who possesses few, if any, actual powers.

Sometimes such a person may be in a position of titular leadership and yet exercise more power than would normally be expected, because of his or her personality, popularity, or experience.

A titular ruler or a titular head is not restricted to political leadership, but it can also refer to an organization; such as, a corporation, an industry , a government position, or any other group.

2. Etymology: Formed from a combination of the Latin titulus, "title" and the English suffix -ar, which means "of" or "belonging to".
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Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are attractive.
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