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hazardous (adjective), more hazardous, most hazardous
1. A reference to being potentially very dangerous to living beings or to an environment: When people throw away their garbage and it lands in the sea, it can be very hazardous for the fish and other sea creatures.
2. Relating to jeopardy; perilous: Being a mountain climber can be very risky orĀ hazardous; especially, if the weather conditions turn bad and he or she cannot return to the lodge or campsite in time.
3. Descriptive of someone who is depending excessively on chance or luck: Ricky seemed to be a hazardous type of person, being quite bold and reckless when driving his car at high speeds and overtaking others without checking to see if other drivers were approaching on the other side of the road.
A reference to something that is risky or dangerous.
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Relating to a perilous danger if one takes part in the situation.
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Pertaining to taking a big chance if one gets involved in a doing something.
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