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halve, have
halve (HAV, HAHV) (verb)
1. To divide something into two equal portions or parts: Trina agreed to share the last slice of toast and her friend agreed to halve it with a knife.
2. To lessen or reduce by half: Francine decided to halve the meal with her sister so the two of them could eat the same amount.
have (HAV) (verb)
1. To maintain ownership or possession: Jacob decided he had to have a new car and so he bought one!
2. To experience or to suffer from something: Josie said, "I feel terrible because I have a bad cold."
3. To come to a conclusion about an idea or an object: Ronda said, "I have an opinion about the new fashions."

Jill's mother said, "I have to halve the last piece of chocolate with your sister."

have, got, have got
have (HAV) (verb)
1. To possess something: Jack asked, "Don't you already have a car?"
2. To accept; to take: Linda told the waiter, "I'll have the peas instead of the spinach, please."
3. To give birth to; to bear: She told Grace that she was going to have a baby the following month.
got (GAHT) (verb)
1. To have come into possession or use of; to have received: She got a cat for her birthday.
2. To have gone after something and to have obtained it: He got a book at the library right after he got his breakfast at the local restaurant.
3. To have acquired as a result of some action or effort: He got his information from the internet.
have got (HAV GAHT) (verb)
1. To have or to possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense: The couple have got all that they had ever hoped for.
2. In the sense of "must" or "possess": Jack said, "I have got to leave."

Rebecca and Tom said, "We have got plenty of apples and intend to keep them."

I have inherited a large fortune which my father got with sound investments in mineral rights in Canada and so I have decided I have got to plan a long trip to see the world.

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(Latin: to dwell, to live; have, hold; that which may be easily handled, is suitable, fit properly; clothing)