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haunch, hunch, hunch
haunch (HAWCH, HAHNCH) (noun)
The hip, buttock, and upper thigh in humans and animals: The farmer slapped the haunch of the horse to send it to the barn.
hunch (HUHNCH) (verb)
To bend forward in a position of crooked posture: Sitting on the tall stool, the clerk had to hunch forward to read the ledgers.
hunch (HUHNCH) (noun)
An intuitive sense regarding something that has happened or might happen: Jeb had a hunch that his sister would come for a visit during the summer.

After Justin's horse galloped away with him, he found himself hunched over the saddle which had slipped back onto the haunch of the horse. He had a hunch that he was destined for a fall and sure enough, he fell off.

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(Greek: hip, hip-joint, hip-bone; haunch)