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haircut, haricot
haircut (HAIR kuht") (noun)
1. The act or an instance of trimming human locks, curls, etc: Lisa went to the salon to get a stylish haircut.
2. A style in which people's tresses, ringlets, etc. are shapened and trimmed: The haircut Lenora got looked just like that of a famous rock singer.
haricot (HAIR i koh") (noun)
1. The edible pod or seed of any of several beans; especially, the kidney bean: The chili recipe said to add one can of red haricot to make it rich and tasty.
2. A highly seasoned mutton or lamb stew with vegetables: After a long hike in the hills, the haricot at the inn tasted wonderful; especially, since the members of the group were very hungry.

After eating a hearty helping of spicy haricot, Karin noticed that her hair felt as if it were standing on end, as if she had had a new haircut. So, Karin went to the barber who gave her a haircut; then she went home and made a red haricot soup for dinner.