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hard, hard, hardly
hard (HAHRD) (adjective)
Resistant to pressure; not readily penetrated, bent, cut, etc.: This loaf of bread is as hard as a rock.
hard (HAHRD) (adverb)
Regarding how great effort or endurance is required: You have to work hard in order to succeed and Joe knows how hard Laura tried.

That test was hard because the teacher asked a lot of difficult questions.

hardly (HAHRD lee) (adverb)
Regarding how something is true, but only relating to an insignificant amount; barely; scarcely: The changes in service have hardly been noticed by anyone.

Hardly anyone showed up for the meeting that day.

Lenora, although you claim that your work is hard, you are hardly making any effort to get any work done.

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(Latin: hard [as wood], lasting; thick, tough)
(Latin: strong, hard, solid; steadfast or unwavering in purpose, loyalty, or resolve)
(Latin: stiff, hard, numb; to be frozen, to grow stiff with cold, to be chilled)
(Greek: skleros tough, toughen; hard, hardening; dry up)
(Greek: solid, firm, hard; three-dimensional)
(Latin: hard as steel, iron)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; from Greek, dysprositos, hard to get at; difficult to access; hard to obtain; rare earth)
(Greek: bad, harsh, wrong; ill; hard to do, difficult at; slow of; disordered; impaired, defective)
(Latin: loathing, disgust, excessively critical, fussy, hard to please)
(Greek: stone, rock; hard consolidated mineral matter; hard matter formed from mineral and earth material; hard substance that is solid)
(Greek: oyster; creatures having or characterized by a type of hard shell)
(Greek: toil, labor, work hard, fatigue; exertion; also, suffering, pain)
(Latin: to press hard, to push, to drive, to compel)
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A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.
This entry is located in the following unit: paraprosdokian, paraprosdokia (page 1)
hard disc, hard disk
A rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit of a computer.
This entry is located in the following unit: disco-, disc-, disko-, disk- + (page 2)
hard rock
This entry is located in the following unit: Pleonasms or Tautological Redundancies (page 10)
hard-wired logic (s) (noun), hard-wired logics (pl)
A group of electronic circuits whose function is determined by the types of inter-connectivity among the circuits: In contrast to the hard-wired logic functions of the larger computer circuits, a microcomputer is determined by the program that is installed.
This entry is located in the following unit: logic (page 1)
persistent pesticide, hard pesticide
A pesticide compound that remains in the environment for relatively long periods.

The extent of its persistence depends on several factors; such as, the tkype of soil, iots moisture, temperature, and pH, and the extent of cultivation and cover crops.

This entry is located in the following units: -cide, -cides, -cidal (page 9) pesti-, pest- + (page 1)
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diehard, die-hard (adjective); more diehard, more die-hard; most diehard, most die-hard
A reference to anybody who is resistant to any kind of change, and reluctant to give up his or her beliefs, positions, or attitudes: They were diehard politicians who were locked into their uncooperative ways.

Dina's father was a diehard Republican and her mother was a diehard Democrat and neither one could agree on what should be done politically.

This entry is located in the following unit: English Words in Action, Group D (page 3)
hard to beat
A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.
This entry is located in the following unit: Definitions in Deviant and Comical Format (page 4)