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Hands: A Personal, First Person Presentation
Cheiro Sinistro and Manual Dextro want you to know more about them by reading their hand revelations.
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(a personal presentation by a pair of hands)
(Greek: melos, limb, body extremity or member; a condition of the limbs or extremities of a body; such as, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, etc.)
(Greek: hand; pertaining to the hand or hands)
(an exhibit of artistically enhanced hands showing creative marvels)
(Latin: to clap, to strike, to beat; to clap the hands in approbation [recognition as good], to approve)
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robotic surgical hands
Robotic surgery is the performance of operative procedures with the assistance of robotic technology. It allows great precision and is used for remote-control and minimally invasive procedures.

Current systems consist of computer-controlled electromechanical devices that work in response to controls manipulated by the surgeon.

"This makes them ideal for operating on subcellular structures; such as, the axon, the long tail by which a neuron sends information to its neighbors and which are far too small for even the finest robotic surgical hands to maneuver."

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Wash your hands of the matter (Matthew 27:24)
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