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hail, hale
hail (HAYL) (noun)
1. Rain that freezes and falls from the sky in the form of spherical or small balls of ice: The hail from the sudden storm came down without any warning.
2. Typically an amount of small objects or words that are thrown forcefully: There was a hail or a pelting of pebbles as the mountains were shaken by the earthquake.

Manfred received a hail or an outcry of criticism because of his political position.

hale (HAYL) (adjective)
Concerning a person who is free from infirmity or illness; of sound health: The nurse said that the elderly man was hale and hearty, assuring him that he was in fine shape and in good physical condition.

Ryan's uncle, who is a farmer, was feeling less than hale after being hit on the head by so much hail during a hail storm while he was plowing in the field.

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(Latin: hail [ice], hail storm; sleet)
(Greek: rain, rainstorm; showers of rain; aqueous vapor in the atmosphere; precipitation or falling down from the sky of a form of water; such as, rain, snow, hail, sleet, or mist)
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Pellets of ice that range in size from less than a half inch to several inches, or more, in diameter; usually, formed in the tops of cumulonimbus clouds when water droplets freeze.
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