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habeas corpus (s) (noun), habeas corpora (pl
That you may have the body: A habeas corpus is a written order requiring a person to be brought before a court or judge to determine his or her legal rights.

When a lawyer intends to apply to a court to obtain a judicial authority, it is fully described as a writ habeas corpus ad subiciendum which requires the prosecutor in the case to bring the accused before a court to undergo ad subiciendum, the action of the law.

A habeas corpus is a feature of British and United States law that protects an individual against arbitrary imprisonment by requiring that anyone who is arrested be brought before a court for a formal charge.

When the court order is executed, a judge hears the complaint under which the person has been detained and rules on the validity of the arrest. If the charge is considered valid, the person must submit to trial; if not, he or she goes free.