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gulp, gulp
gulp (GUHLP) (verb)
1. To eat or to swallow something quickly or in large amounts: His mother told him not to gulp his food so fast and his father told him not to gulp down his dinner like that.
2. To take oxygen into one's lungs quickly: The exhausted runner had to lie on the ground as he tried to gulp for air.

Trina and Tyrone watched the exhausted and overheated racers gulp for air after the long race.

3. To swallow, as the result of some strong emotion; such as, fear or shock: Karin could only gulp nervously before beginning her oral report.

Jim could only gulp back tears as he thanked the rescuers for saving him from the river.

gulp (GUHLP) (noun)
1. A large and hurried swallow: Dennis finished the drink in a single gulp.
2. A spasmodic reflex of the throat made as if swallowing: Trisha took one gulp of air after the other at the dinner table because she was choking on a piece of meat.

In one gulp, Jose controlled his fears and managed to gulp down the foul smelling beverage.

(Latin: to swallow, to gulp down)