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golf, gulf
golf (GAHLF, GAWLF) (noun)
A recreational sport employing specially designed sticks (called clubs) and a small ball, the objective of the game being to hit the ball across a distance and into a hole in the ground: Antonio enjoyed playing golf outside on the smooth grass after he retired, thinking it would give his arms good exercise!
gulf (GUHLF) (noun)
1. A wide space or gap, often in relation to ideologies or lifestyles: The gulf between generations was noted in the clothing that was worn by the adolescents in comparison to the more conservative clothing worn by the adults.
2. An expanse of ocean that extends inland: The gulf extended far inland, creating a harbor for many ships.

When Nathan went to the gulf for his holidays last year, he enjoyed playing a lot of golf with a professional player, who was also providing instruction.

The course where they were playing golf looked out over the beautiful gulf, but Nathan noticed a huge gulf in the lifestyle between the resort where he was and in the villages that were nearby.

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(Greek > Latin: formless matter; especially from Greek, gulf, chasm, abyss, the rude unformed mass; and by extension, "confusion and disorder")
(Latin: gurgitare, "to flood"; gurges, gurgitis, "the gullet, a gulf, the sea"; to surge, to flood; pour, glut, gorge; whirlpool, engulf; boiling liquid)
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Sarchasm: the gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the recipient who doesn’t get it.