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guessed, guest, quest, quest
guessed (GEST) (verb)
To come to an opinion or an answer based on very little evidence: They guessed he was very rich based on the kind of car he drove.
guest (GEST) (noun)
An individual to whom hospitality is given, either in a private home or in an institution: We will have a guest from out of town staying with us for two weeks.
quest (KWEST) (verb)
To seek, to look for, or to search for something: Sam and Sally quest every weekend for gold in the streams.
quest (KWEST) (noun)
A long and difficult search for something: Lenora went on a quest to find the meanings of some words that were not easily available in current dictionary sources.

The quest of the hotel was to make visitor estimates or to have a series of guessed guest data in order to prepare for the summer season.