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(Greek: increase, growth)
(Greek > Latin: to increase, to grow; growth)
(Greek: a plant; growth; growing in a specified way or place; to produce)
(Tricho Sales Corporation treated excess hair growth with a "ray of light")
(Greek: tumor, morbid growth; to swell, bulge; mass, group)
(Latin: nipple; nipple-shaped elevation or growth)
(Latin: adult, mature; sign of maturity, especially the growth of pubic hair; extended to mean the "pubic bone")
(Greek > Modern Latin: thymus gland, glands; warty glanular growth resembling a bunch of thyme [aromatic bush leaves])
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allometric growth
1. Differing in growth rate.
2. The growth of different parts of the body of an organism at different rates or at different times.

In humans, for example, brain growth stops at about the age of five years, while other parts of the body continue to develop.

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Czochralski process, Czochralski method, Czochralski crystal growth
A method of growing large size, high quality semiconductor crystal by slowly lifting a seed crystal from a molten bath of the material under careful cooling conditions.

The most widely used technique for making single-crystal silicon, in which a seed of single-crystal silicon contacts the top of molten silicon.

As the seed is slowly raised, atoms of the molten silicon solidify in the pattern of the seed and extend the single-crystal structure.

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edge-defined film-fed growth, edgedefined film, filmfed growth; EFG
A method for making sheets of polycrystalline silicon for photovoltaic devices in which molten silicon is drawn upward by capillary action through a mold.
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epitaxial growth
The growth of one crystal on the surface of another crystal.

The growth of the deposited crystal is oriented by the lattice structure of the original crystal.

relative growth
The relative increase of one body part with respect to another as total body size is varied.

Allometry (measurement of the rate of growth of a part or parts of an organism relative to the growth of the whole organism) is a special form of relative growth.

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