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gristle, grizzle
gristle (GRIS uhl) (noun)
1. Cartilage, especially when present in meat: Estella's dog was happy to have a bone with the gristle to chew on.
2. Tough matter in meat that is difficult to eat: Trisha and James complained that the restaurant served them cheap pieces of meat, full of gristle and fat.
grizzle (GRIZ uhl) (verb)
1. To make or to become gray: Trina's uncle had thinning hair and a beard which seemed to grizzle more each time she saw him.
2. To complain in a weak or annoying way: During the winter, Karin would grizzle about all the snow that blocked her from being able to leave her house.

Henry's dog didn't grizzle about having a bone to chew the gristle off; in fact, it seemed to be more excited about chewing on the gristle than eating regular dog food.