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grisly, gristly, grizzly, grizzly
grisly (GRIZ lee) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of the repugnance of appalling crudity or utter inhumanity; gruesome: The grisly scene of the mine explosion was carefully documented by the photographer.
2. Referring to something that causes a person to shudder with horror: We had nightmares about the grisly scene of the cars crashing into each other on the highway as a result of the sudden ice storm.
gristly (GRIS lee) (adjective)
Pertaining to tough cartilage; especially, in meat prepared for eating: Before grilling the steak, the cook removed the gristly parts that could be very difficult to chew.
grizzly (GRIZ lee) (noun)
A very large and powerful bear of western North America: The grizzly fish in streams where the salmon swim.
grizzly (GRIZ lee) (adjective)
Characterizing something which is streaked, flecked, or intermixed with gray; a reference to gray or graying hair: Gregory's grizzly hair was very distinguished looking and was set off by a black felt hat.

A grisly grizzly was having trouble chewing on the gristly meat of a very old moose.