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grip, gripe, grippe
grip (GRIP) (noun)
1. A tight hold; a firm grasp: The drowning swimmer is now safely in the grip of a lifeguard.
2. An intellectual hold or understanding: Ronald had a good grip on how to operate his computer.

gripe (GRIGHP) (verb)
To complain continuously in an annoying way; to whine on and on: June will gripe again in a constant and petty manner which is beginning to annoy Sam a great deal.

The teacher could hear the students gripe that they had too much homework to do.

grippe (GRIP) (noun)
An obsolete term for influenza; an acute contagious viral infection characterized by inflammation of the respiratory tract and by fever, chills, muscular pain, and prostration: There is a mild epidemic of grippe in the town this winter.

The local doctor had a good grip on the current knowledge about the new strain of grippe which was causing many people to gripe about feeling ill.

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grip (s) (noun), grips (pl)
1. A firm or strong hold or grasp of something: Lenora tightened her grip on the door handle as she pulled it closed.
2. The pressure or strength of holding something firmly: As Todd pulled the cart of dirt, he had to increase his grip in order to control it as he was going over the bumps to the place where he wanted to dump the soil.
3. Holding power or control of something: The military have a strong grip on the country's government and economy.
4. A small suitcase for traveling: Helena bought a bright orange grip to take with her on the weekend.
5. Someone who helps out on a theater set, moving scenery, etc.: Monroe's volunteer job was as a grip at the local drama theater.
This entry is located in the following unit: English Words in Action, Group G (page 4)
grip (verb), grips; gripped; gripping
1. To grab and to hold something tightly: Each of Adriana's two little children gripped her hands as they walked across the street.

Ernest gripped the hammer and started nailing the wood together.

As a reporter, Tracie's accounts of the murder trial gripped the reader's interest.

2. To get and to maintain the interest and attention of another person or people: The storms and high temperatures have gripped the awareness of much of the world this summer.
This entry is located in the following unit: English Words in Action, Group G (page 4)