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grill, grille
grill (GRIL) (verb)
To cook using an arrangement of parallel bars over a source of heat; for example, an open flame: Lenora thought she would grill hamburgers that night for dinner.
grille (GRIL) (noun)
A lattice or screen often used for ornamental purposes: The blacksmith created a grille for the garden gate.

Patrice looked through the grille at the front of the restaurant so she could watch the cook grill the fish over an open flame.

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grille (s) (noun), grilles (pl)
A lattice work typically made of wood or metal that is placed in a window or opening designed to provide protection: The train ticket agent stood behind the grille thus ensuring the safety of the large sums of money which he was collecting.
2. The decorative metal or plastic piece covering the front of an automobile: The grille, protecting the front end of the car, was very elaborate and plated with shiny chromium.
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