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(Greek: prasios, "green", plus didymos, "twin" [with the element neodymium] because of a green line in its spectrum; rare earth)
(Greek: chloros, grass-green; a reference to the color of the gas which tends to be greenish-yellow; gas)
(Modern Latin: from Greek, thallos, "a young, or green, twig or shoot" [based on the color of its spectrum]; metal)
(Greek: Chloris, goddess; the color green, yellow-green, or light green)
(Greek: choledochos, from chole, "bile" + dechomai, "to receive"; the common bile duct or tube; conveying bile; containing bile, which is a yellow-green fluid that is made by the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and passes through the common bile duct into the first section of the small intestine or duodenum where it helps to digest fat)
(Greek > Latin: a silvery color, or bluish green; gleaming, bright; gray)
(Latin: green crop, grass)
(Latin: meadow-green, grassy)
(Latin: the color green, yellow-green)
(Latin: the color green)
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green design interior; sustainable design
A design that takes into account the environmental impact of the materials used by choosing more sustainable products, and also seeks to minimise the energy cost of the space created by means of correct insulation, green forms of heating and cooling, and low-energy light sources.
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