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grease, grease, Greece
grease (GREES) (noun)
A thick oily lubricant, vegetable, petroleum, or animal fat based: The contractor used grease on the metal parts to keep them from getting rusty.
grease (GREES) (verb)
To apply an oily lubricant to a surface: The chef had to grease the baking trays before he could bake the cookies.
Greece (GREES) (noun)
A peninsular country at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea: Caroline decided to go to Greece for her winter vacation.

Trisha went to Greece for her vacation and she was glad that the chef at the restaurant where she ate did not use much grease while cooking. He applied just a little bit of grease to the frying pans.

(Greek: derived from an ancient villiage in Greece, northeast of Athens; as a result of an important Greek victory over the Persians in 490 B.C.)
(Olympia, a place in Greece in the western Peloponnese, scene of the Olympic games)
(a secretly hidden coding that dates back to ancient Greece and is used even in this modern era)
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