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gray, grey
gray (GRAY) (adjective)
An American spelling that refers to a color between black and white or is often like the color of smoke: Shelby was wearing a gray sweater which closely matched her gray eyes.
grey (GRAY) (adjective)
A reference to the British-English spelling of gray which is a color between black and white: Adele woke up to a grey morning before the sun finally appeared.

When Trisha was writing her essay on weather, she remembered that her professor was English and would want her to spell grey the British way; as in, "today was a grey day".

Normally, she spelled it the U.S. way; such as, "it has been gray all day".

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(Greek > Latin: a silvery color, or bluish green; gleaming, bright; gray)
(Greek: gray; pertaining to the "gray matter" of the nervous system, brain, and the spinal cord)
(Modern Latin: chemical element; from Latin, caesius, bluish gray; sky blue; metal)
(Greek: ash-gray; volcanic material such as ash, dust, cinders, etc.)
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gray dog
Hand as an art canvas
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neutral-density filter, neutral filter, gray filter
1. An optical filter that reduces or diminishes the intensity of transmitted light without significanly changing its color.

It is used on a camera to decrease the amount of light entering a camera when the lens cannot be stopped down sufficiently for use with a given film.

2. A light-absorbing filter whose absorption spectrum is moderately flat.

Depending on the type, the absorption curve is flat primarily in the visible spectral range, or it may extend to varying degrees beyond the visible range.

For video microscopy, this is an important procedure since the absorbance may or may not extend into the near-infrared region where the sensitivity of many video image pickup devices is very high.

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ramus communicans, white ramus communicans, gray ramus communicans
One of the primary branches of a spinal nerve that connects with a sympathetic ganglion (a structure that contains a dense cluster of nerve cells).

Each one consists of a white portion (white ramus communicans) composed of myelinated pregangionic sympathetic fibers and a gray portion (gray ramus communicans) composed of unmyelinated postganglionic fibers.

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