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grave (adjective); graver, more grave; gravest, most grave
1. Relating to something that is very serious and requires serious thoughts or concerns: Ted was told that his violation of school rules is a grave matter.

Sally is suffering from a grave illness.

Jim's supervisor said he has grave doubts about the plan to increase profits for his company.

2. Descriptive of a serious and formal appearance or manner: The judge issued his ruling of guilt for Sam with a grave expression.
3. Written with or modified by the mark ( è ), as the è in Sèvres in the suburbs of Paris or the the French word père.
A reference to causing great anxiety.
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grave, grave, grave
grave (GRAYV) (noun)
1. A hole in the ground for burying a dead body: Ronald was lain to rest in a grave near his wife's grave, which was next to a big tree in the middle of the cemetery.
2. Used as a reference to death: Zelda took her secrets with her to the grave.
grave (GRAYV) (adjective)
Descriptive of the necessity or cause of serious thought or concern: David's carelessness could have grave consequences.

The ship and crew are putting themselves in grave danger if they sail in the Somalia piracy zone.

grave (GRAHV) (noun)
An accent symbol over a letter, or letters, in certain words: Examples of grave marks can be found combined with the "è" in such French words as Sèvres and Père (which is used after a man's surname to distinguish a father from a son).

The minister spoke in a grave tone, "May he rest in peace in the grave."

nymphomania, grave
Severe, active nymphomania in contrast to slight, platonic, or lesser nymphomania.
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(Greek: koimeterion, sleeping-room, burial-place; grave, grave yard; final resting place)
(Latin: weighty, important, grave [from French sérieux (feminine sériuse), from Late Latin seriosus, from earlier Latin serius])
(Greek: burial, grave; tomb; funeral)
(Latin: to bury; a grave, a tomb)
(Hebrew: the grave; hell; pit [a gloomy netherworld for departed spirits; Shoel is the counterpart of Hades and Tartarus])