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grate, grate, great
grate (GRAYT) (verb)
1. To reduce to fragments, shreds, or powder by rubbing against an abrasive surface: While the pasta was boiling, Jenifer began to grate the cheese for the sauce.
2. To make a harsh rasping sound by or as if by scraping or grinding: Crickets grate their wings together to create their distinctive sounds.
grate (GRAYT) (noun)
A framework of lattice or parallel bars: The water drain on the street was protected by a grate so that nobody would fall in!
great (GRAYT) (adjective)
1. Extremely large or big: The great expanse of the forest was overwhelming to the hikers.
2. Of outstanding importance or significance: Kim was a great author, famous for her short stories.

The great grate in the street was placed there because of the extreme flooding rains that often took place in that area.

Ed's barbecue turns out superb burgers and that's why he calls it his great grate.

What was the name of the movie where the main actor lifted a drain cover on a street and got away from those who were chasing him?

Babs thinks it was the "Grate Escape"!

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(Greek > Latin: bars, lattice, grate; used in the sense of "lattice[d], latticelike")