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graphic (adjective), more graphic, most graphic
1. Pertaining to a drawing or painting: The fine graphic arts of drawing, painting, engraving, etching, etc.; also, the techniques of production and design involved in printing and publishing.
2. Relating to the use of diagrams, linear figures, or symbolic curves.
3. Characteristic of designs and decorations that involve the production of pictures, diagrams, etc., in association with text: An example of the graphic arts or designs also includes a diagram, a pattern, a picture, etc., produced by means of a computer.
4. Descriptive of a number of vivid details; especially exciting or unpleasant ones.
5. Representing something such as a sound by means of letters or other written symbols: “Moo”, “woof”, and “meow” are graphic representations of the sounds made by cows, dogs, and cats respectively.
Referring to being described with vivid pictorial effects.
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(Latin: letter; a graphic symbol, a written character, an alphabetic sign)
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graphic arts
The fine and applied arts of representation, decoration, and writing or printing on flat surfaces together with the techniques and crafts associated with each one; including painting, drawing, engraving, etching, lithography, photography, and the arts of printing.
graphic meridian [geodetic meridiageon]
A line on a spheroid or a reference ellipsoid (circular form) connecting points of equal geodetic longitude at every point.