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grand (adjective), more grand, most grand
Relating to a place, an object, or an occasion that is very impressive: There are many neighborhoods in Jill's city in which there are many very grand properties, often used for movie locations, photos for weddings, etc.
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(translations of "The Grand Panjandrum" story)
(Latin: large, great)
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grand larceny (s) (noun), grand larcenies (pl)
In some states of the United States, the theft of property that is valued above a specified amount, varying from state to state but usually being between $25 and $60: Grand larceny is a felonious crime of property having a value greater than an amount fixed by law in different states.

Another form of grand larceny may involve aggravating circumstances: such as, the use of physical threats or violence, if the victim doesn't comply with the robber's demands.

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grand mal seizure (s) (noun), grand mal seizures (pl)
1. A type of epilepsy or a brain disorder in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes signal abnormally; resulting in the loss of consciousness, generalized muscle contractions, urinary incontinence, tongue biting and a condition with confusion and lethargy following the cessation of the stroke: Linda was subject to grand mal seizures which presented a risk for her pregnancies; so, she was frequently hospitalized during the months prior to giving birth to each of her children.

Some grand mal seizures may last for just a few seconds or they can continue for several minutes.

2. Etymology: from French grand mal, "big illness" and is an antonym of another type of epilepsy known as petit mal, "little illness".

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grand multigravida
A woman who has been pregnant six or more times.
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grand total (s) (noun), grand totals (pl)
The final sum obtained by adding several groups of numbers together: The cashier told the customer that the grand total of her grocery bill was over $100.
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Story Translation: Grand Panjandrum
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Latin: large, great; in this unit.