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1. A small, hard seed, especially the seed of a food plant; such as, wheat, corn, rye, oats, rice, or millet.
2. The gathered seed of food plants, especially of cereal plants.
3. Any small, hard particle, as of sand, gold, pepper, or gunpowder.
4. The smallest unit of weight in most systems, originally determined by the weight of a plump grain of wheat.

In the U.S. and British systems, as in avoirdupois, troy, and apothecaries' weights, the grain is identical. In an avoirdupois ounce there are 437.5 grains; in the troy and apothecaries' ounces there are 480 grains (one grain equals 0.0648 gram).

5. The smallest possible amount of anything; such as, a grain of truth.
6. The arrangement or direction of fibers in wood, or the pattern resulting from this.
7. The side of leather from which the hair has been removed.
8. The fibers or yarn in a piece of fabric as differentiated from the fabric itself.
9. In metallurgy, any of the individual crystalline particles forming a metal.
10. The size of constituent particles of any substance; texture; such as, sugar of fine grain.
11. To form into grains; to granulate.
12. To feed grain to (an animal). 13. Against one's grain, in opposition to one's temper, inclination, or character: "Arguing about prices always went against her grain."
14. With a grain of salt: with an attitude of skepticism; with reserve or allowance: "Diplomats took the reports of an impending crisis with a grain of salt."
15. Etymology: from Old French which came from Latin granum, "seed".
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(Greek: groat, grain, any small rounded mass; cartilage, gristle, granule, or a relationship to cartilage)
(Latin: particle; grain, kernel)
(Greek: barly, pearl barley, groats; originally, "white grain")
(Latin: awn or beard of grain; ear of grain)
(Latin: originally, "sheath, scabbard, the husk of grain"; in medical science, the vagina or lowest part of the female genital tract, the canal that leads from the vulva to the uterus)
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grain elevator (s) (noun), grain elevators (pl)
A tall building for storing grain: The farmer took his harvested wheat to theĀ grain elevator in order to keep it dry during the winter months.
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