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graft, graft, graphed
graft (GRAHFT) (verb)
To join two branches or stems of a plant so they grow as one: The tree surgeon was careful to graft the new twigs to the old tree.
graft (GRAHFT) (noun)
Dishonest activity in which people with power use their positions and influences to get money and advantages: Our local newspaper published information which exposed graft by city council members.
graphed (GRAHFT) (verb)
To have drawn or created, a diagram that shows the relationship or interrelationship among or between two or more concepts or things: To illustrate her speech, the scientist graphed her findings using a Power Point presentation.

The police graphed a chart which illustrated that there was an increase in graft among some of the corporations in the city.

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axillofemoral bypass graft (s) (noun), axillofemoral bypass grafts (pl)
A synthetic artery that is surgically anastomosed (come together or open into each other) to the axillary and common femoral (thigh) arteries in cases of peripheral (partial) arterial insufficiencies: The axillofemoral bypass grafts cause blood to move along a path that is different from the one it normally uses between those arteries; therefore, increasing blood flow to the lower extremities of the body.
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brephoplastic graft
A graft from an embryo or newborn to an adult.
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cadaver graft, postmortem graft (s) (noun); cadaver grafts, postmortem grafts (pl)
The grafting of tissue from a dead body onto a living human to repair a physical defect: "The doctors in the plastic surgery department of the hospital relied on a tissue bank for cadaver grafts."
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