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(Greek: bed; slope, slant; to lean, leaning; an ecological term; in the sense of a slope or gradient)
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geothermal gradient
The rate of temperature change in soil and rock from the surface to the interior of the earth; on the average, estimated to be an increase of about +10°C per kilometer.
ocean thermal gradient (OTG)
The temperature difference between warmer surface waters of the ocean and colder deep waters, with deeper water likely to be 20-50 degrees Fahrenheit colder.

In principle, this temperature gradient can be utilized with various types of ocean thermal energy conversion systems.

salt gradient pond, salt pond, salt gradient solar pond
A solar pond that consists of three main layers; the top one is near ambient temperature and has low salt content, while the bottom one is very hot and salty and is lined with a dark-colored material.

The middle (gradient) zone acts as a transparent insulator, permitting sunlight to be trapped in the bottom layer (from which useful heat is withdrawn).

This middle layer, which increases in brine density with depth, counteracts the tendency of the warmer water below to rise to the surface and lose heat in the air.

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voltage gradient
1. The voltage per unit length along a resistor or other conductive path.
2. The electric field in a region, defined as the potential difference between two points divided by the distance between them.
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