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gored, gourd
gored (GOHR'd) (verb)
To cut or to wound with a sharp instrument: Bullfighters are always in danger of being gored by a bull during their contests in the ring.
gourd (GOHRD, GOORD) (noun)
1. Plants of the vine family (Cucurbitaceae) that produce vegetables; such as, cucumbers or squashes: Dorothea and Nellie decided to plant the gourds along the sunny fence in the garden.
2. Hard shelled fruit of vines (Lagenaria or Cucurbita) that, when hollowed out and dried, are used for ornaments or as containers for items: At the market, Cleo bought several colorful gourds to use for decorating her living room.

In order to make a decorative gourd from the gourd of the plant growing in the garden, Sheila gored it with a sharp knife to cut an opening so she could clean out the seeds.