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goer, gore, gore
goer (GOH uhr) (noun)
Anyone who goes to places; especially, a person who goes to a specified place frequently or regularly; often used in combination: Helena was a regular beach-goer while her brother was a sports-goer.
gore (GOR, GOHR) (noun)
1. Violent images or scenes that show a great deal of blood: Wayne and Dina left the movie early because it showed excessive violence, gore, and profanity."
2. A tapered or triangle shaped piece of cloth used in making skirts to create a flared effect: Each gore in her skirt was a different color creating a rainbow effect.
gore (GOR, GOHR) (verb)
To cut or to wound something often with a sharp instrument: A bullfighter is always at risk that the bull will gore him.

Cleo, who was a party goer, used a new skirt pattern which made each gore a different color, so she sewed the colorful skirt the way she wanted it and wore it to the next party.

One evening, when Tamika and Susanne went home after a party, they were very disturbed because they had passed the scene of an accident and had seen all the gore on the street.