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dwarf, elf, gnome
dwarf (DWORF) (noun)
An individual of unusually small stature whose features are often out of proportion to the rest of the body: "The dwarf was a fine actor and appeared in many films."
elf (ELF) (noun)
A small, lively, often mischievous imaginary creature: "When Lorie was young, she hoped that an elf would come and polish her shoes at night."
gnome (NOHM) (noun)
In folklore, a diminutive and often misshapen individual traditionally thought to guard underground hidden treasures: "A gnome looks like a little man and is often shown wearing a pointed hat."

The dwarf lived in a charming house in the village where he had a remarkable garden and had a statue of a garden gnome near the fountain.

Because the fountain was often dry, the dwarf joked that an elf must be coming at night and emptying the water out of the fountain.

gnome (s) (noun), gnomes (pl)
1. A short statement expressing a general truth or a statement expressing a rule of conduct.
2. One of a fabled race of dwarf like creatures who live underground and act as guardians of mines, treasure, valuable objects, etc.
A short expression that is true.
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