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glut, glut, gluten, glutton
glut (GLUT) (noun)
Too much of something or a supply of something that is much more than is needed or wanted: There is a glut of oil on the market.
glut (GLUT) (verb)
To fill with more of something than is needed or wanted: Seeing the amount of food piled up on his plate, there is no doubt that Rodger will glut himself during the meal.
gluten (GLOOT'n) (noun)
A protein substance in wheat and flour which does not dissolve in water but becomes sticky, holding dough together: The amount of gluten in the flour is an important factor in how well the bread dough will rise.
glutton (GLUT'n) (noun)
1. Someone who eats too much: Karl is a glutton for ice cream and pie.
2. Someone who wants a large amount of something: Mildred is a glutton for gossip.

The gluten-free items in the health food store did not appeal to the glutton who liked to glut himself with starchy treats.

—Callie Cardamon

There was a glut on the market of gluten free products many of which were very appealing to the glutton who prided himself by having a natural products diet.

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glutton (s) (noun), gluttons (pl)
1. Someone who eats too much and so consumes more than he or she should: When Joe's family went to the restaurant, it was obvious that they were gluttons as indicated by the amount and the way they were eating; as well as, the obesity of their bodies.
2. Anyone with an unusual capacity to receive or to withstand something: Henry was a glutton for punishment because sometimes he stayed up to work on his personal website until just before dawn and then he had to go to work.

Debora's sister is said to be a glutton for gossip and participates in such an activity quite often.

The Anderson's family are known to be gluttons for TV as is indicated by the many TV sets that they have in their home and the numerous hours that they spend watching television programs.

Having a great capacity for something.
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A person who has an unusual ability to receive or to withstand a large amount of something. (1)