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glance, glance, glimpse, glimpse
glance (GLANS) (noun)
A quick, often oblique, look at something: The actor cast a quick glance at the noisy group in the balcony in the theater.
glance (GLANS) (verb)
To hit something and bounce off at an angle: As the children threw the rocks, they watched them glance off the side of the wall.
glimpse (GLIMPS) (noun)
A brief, quick look at something: As the train rushed through the countryside, it was difficult to get more than a glimpse of the pastoral settings.
glimpse (GLIMPS) (verb)
To look at or to see something or someone for a very short time: Curtis was able to glimpse the actress as she quickly entered the hotel.

Bill tried to glance over his left shoulder to catch a glimpse of the deer that was running away to hide.