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glassine: glass
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of glass.
2. A nearly transparent, resilient glazed paper resistant to the passage of air and grease.
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hyaline: glass
1. Resembling glass, as in translucence or transparency; glassy.
2. Clear, translucent, and containing no fibers or granular material.
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vitrine: glass
1. A glass-paneled cabinet or case for displaying articles; such as, china, objects d'art, or fine merchandise.
3. A cabinet or case with glass walls for displaying specimens or art objects.
2. Like glass.
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(Greek: glass, glassy; transparent; pertaining to the vitreous humor or surrounding membrane)
(Latin: glass; glassy; like glass)
(Greek: crystal, ice, freeze, congeal, frost; icelike, transparent; [especially in reference to a mineral or glass])
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AGM battery, absorbed glass mat battery
A type of sealed lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed in a matrix of glass fibers, which holds the electrolyte next to the plate, and immobilizes it to prevent spills.

AGM batteries tend to have good power characteristics and low internal resistance.

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glass electrode
An electrode for measuring the pH of a solution, based on the fact that a thin sheet of glass is permeable to hydrogen ions but not to other ions.

The device often contains both electrodes of a cell within it; that is, a reference electrode as well as the glass electrode proper, and a salt bridge for connecting them, so that the potential produced by the cell depends on the pH of the solution in which the appliance is immersed.

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vitaglass, vita glass
1. Window glass containing quartz for transmitting the ultraviolet rays of sunlight.
2. A specially prepared glass that is transparent to ultraviolet rays of the spectrum.
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volcanic glass
A natural glass produced by the cooling of molten lava, or a liquid fraction of it, too rapidly to permit crystallization.

Examples are obsidian, pitchstone, tachylyte, and the glassy mesostasis of many extrusive rocks.

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glasphalt: glass + asphalt
1. A road-surfacing material composed of asphalt and crushed glass.
2. A blend of glass and asphalt.
  • Glass: A hard, usually transparent substance that shatters easily composed of sand melted in combination with other oxides; such as, lime or soda and used as windows, bottles, lenses, etc.
  • Asphalt: A paving material composed mainly of asphalt and gravel that hardens on cooling and is used for making hard surfaces for roads, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.
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