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(Greek > Modern Latin: thymus gland, glands; warty glanular growth resembling a bunch of thyme [aromatic bush leaves])
(Greek: gland or glands, glandular [from “acorn”])
(Latin: a gland or the glands near the kidneys: ad-, "near" plus ren[es], "kidneys")
(Greek: mucus; a slippery protective secretion that is produced in the linings of some organs of the body by the mucous membranes and glands)
(Greek: to secrete, to come out; such as, a certain gland or glands)
(Greek: tear, tears; as from a tear-gland or the tear-glands in the eyes)
(Latin: internal secretion, especially by the endocrine glands or a gland)
(Greek: mucus; a protective secretion from the mucous membranes in the nose, throat, and lungs; a thick fluid produced by the linings of some tissues of the body and is secreted as a protective lubricant coating by cells and glands of the mucous membranes)
(Greek: saliva (suh LIGH vuh); spittle, foam from the mouth; the salivary glands)
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apocrine gland (s) (noun), apocrine glands (pl)
Any of the large sweat glands that produce both a fluid and a secretion.

Apocrine glands are restricted in men to hairy regions of the body, and are lined by a single layer of tall columnar cells with acidophile cytoplasm (thriving in a relatively acid environment).

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axillary gland (s) (noun), axillary glands (pl)
Any of numerous nodes (collections of tissue) situated in the areas of underarm veins that receive lymphatic drainage (almost colorless fluid that travels through vessels and carries cells that help fight infection and disease) from the upper limb, pectoral girdle (bones supporting the front or upper parts of the body), and mammary gland (two half-moon-shaped glands on either side of the adult female chest, which make up the breast): Jenny's primary physician, Dr. Smith, tried to explain how the axillary glands function and how this might explain why she was having an abnormal feeling in her armpits.
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gland (s) (noun), glands (pl)
An organ in the body which produces a secretion used by the organism or even eliminated from it: The thyroid gland produces a substance which a person needs to regulate growth, among other factors.
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pearl body, bead glands
One of a heterogeneous group of food bodies with a pearl-like luster and high concentration of lipids (fatty acids), apparently used by plants to attract and to support ants.
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