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glacier (s) (noun), glaciers (pl)
1. A huge mass of ice slowly flowing over a land mass, formed from compacted snow in an area where snow accumulation exceeds melting: A glacier moves slowly outward from the center of accumulation or down a mountain slope, or valley, until it melts or breaks away.
2. Etymology: from Latin glacies, "ice"; from French glacier, "ice".
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glacier, glazier
glacier (GLAY shuhr) (noun)
A large section or body of ice on a hillside or mountain that is characterized by a slow and inexorable movement downhill: The glacier moved slowly down the mountain and pieces broke off when it got to the ocean.
glazier (GLAY zhuhr) (noun)
Someone who cuts and fits glass; such as, for doors and windows: After the window was broken, Madeline called the glazier to come and repair it as soon as possible.

When Jim and Carine saw the glacier, it looked like a glazier had done some work on parts of the outer surfaces.

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surging glacier (s) (noun), surging glaciers (pl)
A glacier which alternates between short periods (one to four years) of very rapid flow, or surges, and longer periods (ten to one-hundred years) of stagnation or near stagnation.
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glacier (s) (noun), glaciers (pl)
A mass of snow compacted into ice on a mountain slope which presses slowly downhill: Sam Johns was determined to hike on each of the many glaciers in North America as he was testing survival skills.
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