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glacial, glacially
1. Relating to, referring to, or derived from a glacier.
2. Pertaining to those geological intervals characterized by cold climate conditions and advancing ice sheets and caps.
3. Suggestive of ice, extremely cold; frigid: such as, a glacial wind.
4. Devoid of warmth and cordiality: "He had a glacial handshake."
5. Coldly imperturbable: "She maintained a glacial calm despite all of the confusion."
6. A reference to a purity marked by the tendency to readily solidify in the form of ice-like crystals; such as, glacial acetic acid.
7. Relating to, or being any of those parts of geologic time from Precambrian onward when a much larger portion of the earth was covered by glaciers than at present.
8. Suggestive of the very slow movement of glaciers: "The congressional progress on the bill has been glacial."
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glacial till
The mass of rocks and finely ground material carried by a glacier, then deposited when the ice melted.

The process creates an unstratified material of varying composition.

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glacialist, glacial geologist
1. Someone who studies geological phenomena involving the action of ice; especially, of glaciers.
2. Anyone who attributes the phenomena of the drift, in geology, to glaciers.
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