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(Greek: man, mankind; human beings; including, males (man, men; boy, boys) and females (woman, women; girl, girls); all members of the human race; people, humanity)
(Greek: pupil of the eye; kore, literally, "girl" to mean both "doll" and "pupil of the eye")
(Greek: virgin, maiden, young girl)
(Latin: [diminutive of pupa, a young girl, doll or puppets] the pupil of the eye; including the larva of insects)
(Latin: a marriageable girl, maiden; related to "a young shoot, a twig")
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nymphine: young girl
Nymphal; having the features of a young girl, especially a beautiful one.
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Afghan girl tricked by insurgents dies in blast
insurgents: Those who belong to a group of people fighting to take control of their country by force.
blast: An explosion, especially one caused by a bomb.
detonated the bomb remotely:

"Insurgents tricked an 8-year-old girl in a remote area of central Afghanistan into carrying a bomb wrapped in a cloth and then detonated the bomb remotely when she was close to a policed vehicle. Only the girl was killed in the blast."

International Herald Tribune, June 26, 2011; page 5.
career girl
Someone who prefers plots and plans to pots and pans.
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