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gibe, jibe, jive
gibe (JIGHB) (verb)
To taunt or to tease in a derisive manner: Joshua attempted to gibe the speaker, which resulted in his being led away by the ushers.
jibe (JIGHB) (verb)
1. To move forcefully from one side of a position to another: The sailors had to jibe the sails on the ship so it would change course.
2. To be in agreement: Sam's position on the issues does not seem to jibe with his earlier statements.
jive (JIGHV) (noun)
Foolish, informal, or deceptive speech; often characterized by slang: Mildred grew up talking street jive.

It seems that we jibe in our assessment that jive talk is fun; however, we should be careful that we don't gibe our neighbors who talk jive with an accent.