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1. A lead-gray or grayish blue mineral with a metallic luster, consisting of sulphur, antimony, and lead, with a small proportion of arsenic.
2. A white or greenish-white, opaque, metallic, monoclinic mineral usually occurring in massive, granular form, having a specific gravity of 6.4 and a hardness of 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

A scale for classifying minerals based on relative hardness, determined by the ability of harder minerals to scratch softer ones.

The scale includes the following minerals listed in order from the softest to the hardest:

  1. talc
  2. gypsum
  3. calcite
  4. fluorite
  5. apatite
  6. orthoclase
  7. quartz
  8. topaz
  9. corundum
  10. diamond
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