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genteel; gentile, Gentile; gentle
genteel (jen TEEL) (adjective)
Showing the good taste and refinement associated with polite society; elegant or fashionable: Karin's genteel manners made her a welcome guest for every event.
gentile, Gentile (JEN tighl) (noun)
Anyone who is not of the Jewish faith: People who are gentiles often shop on Saturday when observant Jewish people do not.
gentle (JEN t'l) (adjective)
1. Suitable to polite society; that is, refined, courteous, etc.: Dorothy's gentle voice was pleasing.
2. Not violent, harsh, or rough: The waves on the lake were gentle and did not cause the boat to rock dangerously.

Rena's genteel Jewish upbringing was reflected in her gentle voice and her respect for the Gentile population in her neighborhood.

(Latin: to make mild or gentle; mildness, gentleness, softer)