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generic, genetic
generic (juh NER ik) (adjective)
1. Relating to a whole group or class: The term "flu" is sometimes used as a generic term for any illness caused by a virus.
2. Not sold or made under a particular brand name: They are selling generic drugs at a lower price than the better-known brands.
3. In biology, a class, group, or kind with common attributes; the more general class or kind in which something is included: In the short story, the author made generic references to animals rather than to specific dogs or cats.
genetic (juh NET ik) (adjective)
Relating to, or influenced by the origin or development of something: The police used genetic material at the scene of the crime to identify the man as the culprit.

The Swedish beauty said that her daughter's generic features could not be attributed to genetic inheritance.

—Callie Cardamon

The genetic makeup of plants and animals differ significantly; however, there are some biologists who believe that there is a generic relationship among most groups of plants and among most groups of animals.

(Greek: genein, "to produce"; all the genetic information possessed by any organism)
(Latin: birth, beget; descent, origin, creation, inception, beginning, race, sort; kind, class)
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genetic code
The sequence of bases in the DNA of living cells which provides the instruction for the synthesis of polypeptides and proteins from amino acids.
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