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genes (JEENZ) (noun)
Functional hereditary units that occupy a fixed location on a chromosome: The doctor specialized in the study of the genes of his male patients.
jeans (JEENZ) (noun)
Pants made of jean or heavy denim or trilled cotton: Originally designed in the United States for gold prospectors, jeans rapidly became very popular for all hardworking individuals.

The first known reference to trousers called jeans actually came from mid-19th century England.

The name jeans came from a kind of tough twilled cotton cloth called "jean" which is the shortened term for "jean fustian", which was introduced into English in the mid-16th century, in which the "jean" represented a modification of Janne, the Old French name of the Italian city of Genoa.

The name "jean fustian" was "cotton fabric from Genoa", so named because that was where it was first made.

—Based on information located in the Dictionary of Word Origins by John Ayto;
Arcade Publishing; New York; 1990; page 307.

Have you ever heard that chromosomes have dungarees? In other words, is it possible that genes wear jeans?

(Greek > Latin: race, kind; line of descent; origin, creation; pertaining to sexual relations, reproduction, or heredity; and more recently, a gene or genes)
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luxury gene (s) (noun), luxury genes (pl)
In genetics, a hereditary unit consisting of a sequence of DNA which codes for a specialized function: Luxury genes are sometimes synthesized; usually, in large amounts, in particular cell types.
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