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(Greek > Latin: generation, genesis, origination; creation [Greek: gonos, -gonia > Latin: -gonia, "that which is begotten, offspring"])
(Latin: from Old French seculer; from Late Latin sæcularis, worldly, living in the world, not belonging to a religious order; from saecularis, pertaining to a generation or age; from saeculum, saeclum, period of a man's life, generation; period of a hundred years)
(a bionic hand which is considered a next-generation prosthetic device which appeals to both patients and health care professionals)
(the space-age generation continues to utilize terms from Latin and Greek origins)
(automakers need lithium for the next generation of cars running on batteries charged by electricity)
(Latin: originally, "that which one should be ashamed of"; the external organs of generation; from pudere "to cause shame".)
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macro generation
In computer programming, the production of a sequence of machine instructions by a macroassembler.
(solar electricity technical terms applying to electricity, power generation, concentrating solar power, or CSP, solar heating, solar lighting, and solar electricity)
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distributed generation
A popular term for localized or on-site power generation.
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electric generation industry
Stationary and mobile generating units that are connected to the electric power grid and can generate electricity.

The electric generation industry includes the "electric power sector" (utility generators and independent power producers) and industrial and commercial power generators, including combined-heat-and-power producers, but excluding units at single-family dwellings.

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