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gait, gate
gait (GAYT) (noun)
The manner or mode of movement of a person or an animal; such as, a horse: Sharon watched the gait of her mare carefully.
gate (GAYT) (noun)
An entrance, exit, or passageway: The gate opened automatically when the car came close.

The old dog’s limping gait nearly prevented him from making it into the yard before the automatic gate closed.

—Callie Cardamon

Because the gate was open, Jerry watched in horror as his pony, with an easy gait, went off down the road.

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(Latin: door, entrance; gate)
(Latin: door, gate, entrance; harbor)
(Greek: door, gate, entrance; orifice, an aperture or hole opening into a bodily cavity; indicating the portal vein)
(Latin: a suffix; from agere to set in motion, to drive, to lead; to do, to act)
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flux gate
A detector that produces an electric signal with magnitude and phase proportional to the magnetic field along its axis; used to demonstrate the direction of the terrestrial magnetic field.
This entry is located in the following unit: fluct-, flucti-, -flux, flu-, flum-, -fluent, -fluence (page 4)
logic gate (s) (noun), logic gates (pl)
A device which is usually an electrical circuit that performs one or more specific operations on one or more input signals: The logic gates are the building blocks of digital technology including solid-state semiconductor devices that perform arithmetic/logic operations.
This entry is located in the following unit: logic (page 1)